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  • Business Intelligence

    Know your business

    If you were to place your organisation on a Business Intelligence quadrant, where would you be? We can help move you forward.

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    Big Data

    Scale your business

    Your data should be part of your enterprise strategy. Do you have so much data it is hard to know its value?  We can work with you to realise the potential in your data.

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    Data Visualisation

    See your business

    Visualising your data will clarify the performance of your enterprise for everyone to see. We can work with you to get the most insight from your greatest asset.

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    Good ideas are common… what’s less so?

    Good ideas are commonplace. What is uncommon, however, are people who will work to produce fruition from good ideas and turn them into a success. In the Copper Blue blog, you will find some of our ideas, and we hope that they spark your interest. Please feel to contact us at blog@copper-blue.co.uk and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Latest blog article

    Like bookclubs? Interested in learning Javascript online?

    Like bookclubs? Interested in learning Javascript online? Ike Ellis is the lead for the PASS Book Readers VirtualChapter, and he’s done the awesome job of setting up the Book Readers club. We going to learn JavaScript in 8 weeks by following the recommended text and having fun discussions. August 20th is the first session, so you have [...]

    Books Professional Association of SQL Server Training Courses

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    Azure Files

    A new piece of functionality has made its way into Azure (Currently in preview as at 20140809).  Azure Files allow you to perform standard windows file and directory operations on shares hosted in Azure using the programming libraries you are used to using.  I think this is an excellent feature.  It enables a number of [...]

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    Free Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud eBook

    Hearing buzz around hybrid cloud solutions? Got some questions? For a limited time, download an eBook from Microsoft solution architects that shares their perspective on what hybrid IT is, why it’s important, and how you should determine whether a hybrid cloud is right for your business. Download a copy today!

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    SQLBits 12 3 Big Data Tools

    At SQLBits 12 in Telford I presented a session on using three big data tools (SQOOP, Pig, Hive).  I think that these three tools are very important especially Pig and Hive.  SQOOP is interesting and useful when you need to take data to/from a relational database.  This session was meant to be an introductory session [...]

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    NEsper and External Timers

    By default NEsper handles for us the ticking of time. In all the posts in this series so far I have allowed NEsper’s internal timer to do the calculations for time. Maybe though that is not what we want to do. In StreamInsight you have to explicitly issue a CTI event against your stream of [...]

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